How to Reach Out Any Time and Ask for Feedback

We know recording ourselves is a vital part of our daily practice routine. As long as we have our practice space well set up and we obey the One-Take Rule, recording our progress should take no more than a couple short minutes per day.

Once you've recorded, don't just sit there wondering what to do with it - share it! Dojo U is a community of like-minded pipers that are all about sharing quality information and feedback, so don't let that go to waste.

To share a recording, head to the appropriate study group and share it. Remember, all you have to do is share a cloud link to any audio or video recording and anyone in the world can have a listen to you with the simple click of a mouse.

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    1. Hi Joe, Yes these can easily be converted - just google it and you'll find free online converters. Otherwise, you can also set your Zoom recorder to record directly in mp3, it's in the setup menu. (Unless you are talking about zoom video conferencing software. In this case you can download just the sound for the recording and convert it). Cheers, Carl

  1. What do you mean by orientation? I’ve been working my way through the program/syllabus and the prompts/requests/things to do seem to become more and more things to do. Is there an abbreviated protocol to comply with your request to finish orientation? I’m confused about what you want me to do to become “oriented”.

    1. Hi Raleigh, The orientation is referring to the New to Dojo U Course: This should only take a few mins to complete. I think you are maybe looking at the Tune of the week course? Let me know if this helps answer your question or if you are still feeling a little lost. Also, be sure to sign up for a Strategy meeting so we can help walk you through everything and get you going on right track. Cheers, Carl

  2. Yes, i guess that was the term i was looking for.....strategy session. I just spoke with one of my band members, Sergei, and he said i had to make an appointment to speak with someone at the dojo. How do i do that? Thanks.

    1. Hi Raleigh. Great to have you with us! There was an email we sent to you on 12/31 called "[Dojo U] Schedule Your Free Bagpipe Strategy Session" - do you see it? If not we can re-send it for you.

  3. Andrew, On YouTube you have a video playing tunes with background accompaniment which would lend itself to more interesting practice sessions. Can you tell me how a person could find these accompaniments ?
    Thank you
    Lois Carswell-Hands

    1. Hi Lois, Not sure which video you are referring to but there's a good chance Andrew wrote these pieces and the music himself. I can confirm that for you if you send the YouTube link to along with the specific time in the video with the music you are referring to. Hope this helps! Cheers, Carl

  4. I know in DOJO, ALAP-ASAP is referenced throughout. However, is there a class that shows how to play (competition) strathspeys that would address Heavy-weak-medium-weak in conjunction with ALAP-ASAP? I have had comments on a strathspey (Duirinish Piping Society) with quarter notes played on the third beat, and I have comments that I'm not playing a "medium" pulse. Thanks!

    1. Hi Graham, We grade on Thursdays and Fridays, so the latest you should ever have feedback is by Saturday Morning. It looks like Ed got yours graded shortly after this message 🙂 Cheers, Carl