Bagpipe Like an Olympian

As the Tokyo Olympics wrapped up recently, I reflected on how the Olympics are considered a display of peak athletic performance.

The best athletes collect to compete on snow, turf, ice, grass, court, and track – it's an inspirational display of athletics and human physical achievement.

As with any intense activity (including bagpiping), Olympic athletes suffer through mental barriers when trying to stay motivated, keep improving, and attain personal goals.

Were the Bagpipes Banned as an Instrument of War?

For centuries, there has been a long-held belief that bagpipes were classified as an instrument of war and were banned in the Act of Proscription of 1746.

The story goes that in the aftermath of the Jacobite Rising of 1745, culminating in the now infamous Battle of Culloden, possessing a set of pipes or playing bagpipes them was banned.

Unfortunately, history is always far more complicated than we think...