How to Share Miscellaneous Recordings of Your Playing

Sometimes, it may be necessary to share recordings of your playing that don't fit neatly into a course assignment. Here are some examples:

  • You want to share a recording of yourself with an instructor during a live class.
  • You'll like to get feedback on some element of your playing in a forum or group.
  • Any other reason under the sun!

Nowadays, it's extremely easy to do this using a cloud storage service. The basics of a cloud storage service are thus:

  1. You make a file (in this case, a recording).
  2. You save that file to the cloud service.
  3. Once saved, your file gets its own sharable link.
  4. You can share that link with anyone, allowing them to view/download your file!

It's super easy. Here are some great (free) cloud storage services you can use to generate sharable links:

Also, keep in mind that YouTube videos, Soundcloud audio, and more are great ways to share content via a link. Once you have a link, simply copy it, and paste it anywhere you need it to go!

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