How to Share Miscellaneous Recordings of Your Playing

Sometimes, it may be necessary to share recordings of your playing that don't fit neatly into a course assignment. Here are some examples:

  • You want to share a recording of yourself with an instructor during a live class. (An open dojo session, for example)
  • You'll like to get feedback on some element of your playing in a forum or group.
  • Any other reason under the sun!

Nowadays, it's extremely easy to do this using a cloud storage service. The basics of a cloud storage service are thus:

  1. You make a file (in this case, a recording).
  2. You save that file to the cloud service.
  3. Once saved, your file gets its own sharable link.
  4. You can share that link with anyone, allowing them to view/download your file!

It's super easy. Here are some great (free) cloud storage services you can use to generate sharable links:

Also, keep in mind that YouTube videos, Soundcloud audio, and more are great ways to share content via a link. Once you have a link, simply copy it, and paste it anywhere you need it to go!

Quick Share Technique One:

This one is for iPhone/iPad device users:

  1. Record video on iPhone or iPad
  2. Click the share button.
  3. Select "Copy iCloud Link"
  4. Paste the iCloud link in any class session chat or group/forum on the site.

The instructor will be able to access and play your file using the link in seconds!

Quick Share Technique Two:

Anyone with a Gmail/Google account can do this:

  1. Make a file, any file!
  2. Access your google drive (just type in and log in)
  3. Drag the file into your google drive.
  4. In the file share options, copy the "public link."
  5. Paste that link in any class ession chat or group/forum on the site.

PS - If you don't have any other platforms you're familiar with, just use Google Drive. Can't be any simpler, and they have 50Gb of Free Storage.

Quick Video Share

This one will be really handy for assignments that require video.

  1. Record a video of yourself on (any) smartphone.
  2. Install the YouTube app on the phone (and log in with a Google Account).
  3. Press the upload button, and select the video you want to share. 
  4. Trim the video and give it a title. Select “Unlisted” if you don’t want your video to be searchable on YouTube.
  5. Upload it! Once it’s ready, you can take the video to the link and paste it anywhere (on the forum, in a Zoom class, etc.)
  6. To submit a link to course assignment, you'll need to paste the link you've created into a simple text document (word, notes, etc) and upload that instead.

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