Shawn McConnell: Pursuing My Dream

I had a piper and drummer at my wedding in '98 and just 2 years ago I started my personal piping journey.

I wanted to learn to play because I wanted to be able to play solos and memorials. I always loved to sound of the pipes but couldn't afford to take lessons let alone find a teacher, but now that my kids have grown, I have more money and time to pursue my dream of playing.

When I first bought my practice chanter at the New Hampshire Highland Games I went online to find information on lessons. I did run across the Dojo at that time but thought a one-on-one teacher would be better. I had one for a bit but then the global crisis hit... I worked with another online teacher but it got a little costly. I was still getting weekly emails from the Dojo and read them on and off, but finally decided to give it a go! I really should have started off here in the first place.

I love the live classes; I don't know of any other place that provides Zoom classes with other players. Working on the "tune of the week" with others with different skill levels is a huge encouragement.

The transition to the bagpipe course has been greatly helping me understand the how set up the pipes and why its important.

I'm just starting out, so everything is a new leaning opportunity, and I believe with good teaching and proper practice I'll get to a place of what I feel is success for me. I feel I'm heading toward success with a good foundation with the Dojo.

Shawn McConnell, Massachusetts, USA

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