Piobaireachd a Different Way

The piobaireachd MacKintosh's Lament, incorporating the Gaelic Song Cumha Mhic an Toisich, arranged for piano, strings and vocals by Chris Gray. Chris Gray - Piano Mischa Macpherson - Vocals Graham MacKenzie - Fiddle Bernadette Kellermann - Fiddle Alice Allen - Cello Filmed by Gus Stirrat.

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Understanding Harmonics—Part 1

This article was written by Dr. John Holcombe

How many of us pipers have a firm grasp of the physics of sound that causes the unique and rich sound of our bagpipes? We are told that we should maintain a pressure in the pipe bag that is at the chanter reed’s “sweet spot”, that pressure that causes the reed to maximally vibrate and bring out the most “harmonics” and richness of sound of the reed. But what, really, are harmonics?