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Grampian Corby UK

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Grade 4 Band



I started playing the pipes at around 14 years old and played with a couple of local bands which are no longer in existence.  I was a member of RAF Waddington Pipe Band and had a fantastic time getting up to all sorts.. say no more.

Having moved away, got a husband and a had a lovely son and a busy job, piping was the last thing on my mind.

Mid 2018 with son now living away from home and after 30 years, I decided to get my practice chanter out and found the Dojo where I have remained ever since.  I got my pipes up and running thanks to Mark Bennet (Bennett Pipebags) who I met at the Worlds last year (2019).  Its been a long slog but now starting to get the stamina back.  Due to the COVID19 lockdown I started the 100 day challenge and intend to keep playing daily when we are let outside again.

Sally xx