Easily Recording and Uploading Assignments on iPhone and iPad

If you love to use your iPhone and/or iPad with Dojo U, you're in luck - it's also extremely easy to record and upload your assignments to Dojo U with one simple "trick." (And, it's not that tricky).

  1. Get "Voice Record Pro"
  2. Record audio using the app.
  3. Use "Save in Photo Album" to save the audio file as a video in your iPhone's album.
  4. When uploading on Dojo U, simply select the file from your photos, and upload it.

Viola! That's really all there is to it. Watch the video below for a demonstration.

(Note: This video may seem "huge" because it's vertically spaced. Press the "full screen" button for it to display correctly for you.)

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      1. Super. But can make life easier for Andy cause downloaded the voice recorder pro ( as you suggested) and it converts it to MP 3; . I learn something new every day thanks for quick response