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I live in Virginia Beach and I work for Apple retail as tech support for people who use Apple products and I complete physical repairs of Apple devices. I was first interested in learning bagpipes as a teenager when my family started attending Highland Games. However, I grew up in Amherst County Virginia and the closest instruction was too far away; it’s a shame the dojo didn’t exist 20 years ago.

I bought an inexpensive practice chanter and several tutors and tried to teach myself. I couldn’t make sense of the heavier embellishments and, despite people being able to make out the few tunes I had learned up to that point, I quit.

Not long after moving to Hampton Roads I started learning to play at Tidewater Pipes and Drums and when my schedule allowed I attended the Newport News Police Pipe band practice as well. When finally ready to purchase my bagpipes I was able to buy MacLellan bagpipes which I had fell in love with when I came across an ad for them as a kid.

I now play with Siren City Pipe Band and I hope we can attend some games together this year as a band.

Also, I pronounce my name ‘Sorely.’