Dave A. - Phase 1 - 6/8 March - (4 Parts)

Greetings Dave! This was consistently close in on the click. No issues, but I will say that this low of a tempo might be more of a detriment than a help. It appears that you got lost on the music at one point and repeated line one a third time.

Phase 1 Result: 4/4 Requirements Achieved

Metronome Clearly Audible? Yes
"Best" Tempo Selection? Yes
Rhythm/Note-values understood? Yes
Rhythms accurate to the click of the metronome? Yes

Overall Rhythm Comments from Grader:
One small hiccup now and again, but you got right back on by the next click. It's tough to maintain the groove and follow the click at this low of a tempo, but you handled it nicely. Good work! Loosing track of your spot and some flagging of control in the second part may have kept you from the win this time, but I know you're going to ace the next one. @Timothy-Gatehouse

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