The Dojo U Bagpipe Freedom Guarantee

Dojo U offers something no one else dares to offer - an improvement guarantee.

"Dojo U will double your love of bagpiping, or else give double your money back."

No, your eyes did not cross. We will give double your money back if we haven't revitalized your piping (and how you feel about your piping).

That's our guarantee. We will put our money where our mouth is and say that, if you follow our program and don't experience a huge boost in your playing quality, AND a huge boost in your enjoyment of playing, we'll refund you double what you paid in.

To be fair and honest, let's now talk "fine print" so we're all on the same page:

The Fine Print:

We promise to revitalize your bagpiping here at Dojo U. "Revitalization" means (1) significantly improved quality of play and (2) significantly improved enjoyment of playing. You should feel like you're a much better piper AND experience true joy when you pick your pipes up. That's what we promise to deliver.

  • Note: If you're a pure beginner, of course, we won't be able to "revitalize" you. But we will "vitalize" you! As you journey through the bagpipe learning experience, you should feel continuous momentum and excitement about piping, or else we aren't delivering.

To qualify for our money-back guarantee, you promise to do two simple things.

  1. You must take notes on your practice sessions. (Details below)
  2. You must consistently participate in the Freedom Phase submission process.

The double-your-money-back guarantee spans a period of 6 months. If you are dissatisfied with your results, we will pay double your investment back to you.

Those who wish to cancel before 6 months can receive a refund for their full investment back given points 1 and 2 above.

Explanation: We promise to revitalize your bagpiping at Dojo U, and the results are typically incredible! However, it won't always be easy, and it will take some time. If we're being honest, incredible results are often experienced within a few weeks of adopting the "Dojo Way." However, to guarantee this with complete conviction, we ask that you apply yourself for 6 months.

How to Take Notes to Protect Your Dojo U Guarantee

In a notebook, document each practice session. Include the date at the top of each entry. Each entry must answer the following questions:

  1. Since my last practice session, what have I been doing to immerse myself in bagpipe music?
  2. Write: "I turned off all distractions, including turning my smartphone on airplane mode."
  3. Write: "I mentally reviewed the four questions and addressed any issues."
  4. Write: "I played a couple of tunes to get my mind and body warmed up."
  5. Write: "I set the pipes down and let them rest for at least 10 minutes before starting my official practice session."
  6. List the mindful Freedom-Phase-oriented activities you performed to focus on your overall skill level, and how much time you allocated to this.
  7. Write a brief critique of how the day's recording session went.
  8. Summarize your Personal Project work and Jam Session (if applicable).
  9. Write: "I properly tended to my pipes after playing and considered the best storage protocol."

Note 1: This journal entry simply mirrors the "practice plan" we outline for you on your member home page. Full details on what all of these points mean can be found there.

Note 2: Soon, we plan to have a "Bagpipe Freedom Journal" that you an order that offers a more elegant medium for you to document your bagpipe practice life.

Note 3: You do not have to be long-winded in your journal, and you may use short hand where practical. However, to be eligible for a full refund of membership fees paid, you must offer enough detail so as to prove to yourself and to us that you've truly done your best to follow our program.

Note 4: We ask to see a minimum of 5 half-hour practice sessions per week while on our program. But, this doesn't need to be perfect. If you go on a vacation that forces you to miss a week, no problem! If some weeks only have 4 days of practice, that should be ok too. Common sense dictates that, if you work hard and take good notes, you're going to have a great experience with us. And, if you do your due diligence and that turns out NOT to be the case, we'll double your entire investment back to you.

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