Lou Lanaro: Just One Tune

I decided to go out to Ben Bhraggie House and purchase a set of pipe McCallum AB4 bagpipes after hearing Mull of Kintyre and seeing pipers marching.

When I first started playing, my goal was to play one tune. I collect many instruments and play at least one tune on each, so the pipes was the next one I took up now. I own many sets of pipes: highland, highland A, reel pipes, small pipes, goose and uilleann pipes.

As a learner, developing a good hand for piping was the main struggle. I learned quickly the mechanics of the pipes, but tuning to perfection is a struggle and I'm working on it every day. Tempo is a struggle too because my fingers and technique are not what they should be. You can do anything if you apply yourself but there is a limit when stamina and dexterity are required.

I have 4 local and zoom teachers weekly and always looking for other sources. I discovered Dojo in 2017 and have been a member since. I am retired so I need to be engaged as much as possible and Dojo helps keep me engaged. Plus I use a lot or resources like old videos lessons music sheet and a zoom lessons.

I have met many Dojo members online and in person and they are all great company.

I believe the 30-day intensive course with Glenn Brown was the most helpful course I took. The tuning clinic also brought me up a couple of notches.

All the instructors are very helpful. Reading music is much easier. I take time off tune of the week when I work on competition tunes but it is a great system. My fingers are my main obsession and I don't think anyone can help. They probably have reached a limit at my age.

I like to keep engaged and work hard when I undertake a project and Dojo has given me the tools.

I had a great time when I was challenged by Andrew that I could not play on the beat with a guitar so I made a recording and submitted it...and he lost the bet!

Lou Lanaro, Ontario, Canada

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