It's the end of an era!

Big news for us here at Dojo HQ. As of July 1st, Piper’s Dojo LLC will no longer sell bagpipe supplies. This may come as a surprise to some, but it’s always been part of the “master plan” that this day would come. We will now focus entirely on providing better and better educational products, helping pipers of all ages and stages worldwide work to develop their own unique, creative voice on this wild, crazy, wonderful instrument!

I first started selling bagpipe supplies in 2009. I had just quit my “real” job as a customer service rep for an eye insurance company. At that time, Dojo University (our online bagpipe school) hadn’t even been dreamed up yet. I was simply teaching bagpipe lessons, and teaching pipe band workshops. Product sales allowed me to help serve those clients better, and offered depth to my young business.

In early 2011, everything changed for my little company. I had a vision of a piping school that could be held year round, 100% on the internet. To make it happen, I invited Carl Donley to join the company as my business partner. Together, we built the new “Dojo University,” and we also began to rapidly scale up our product sales operation. 

Almost immediately, it was apparent to Carl and I that the online education products we were building would be the future of the company. In this space, we provided a unique voice on a unique platform. We were helping many pipers who may not have a chance to improve their skills in other ways (due to geographical constraints perhaps, or financial constraints). 

And so, 9 years later, this realization has finally resulted in the inevitable - we will close down the product-side of the business so we can focus entirely on education. Product sales have been an amazing “booster rocket” to get us into orbit. We are confident that Dojo U will prove to be a reliable inter-galactic cruiser that will be our home from here. 

We are excited to announce that the Henderson Group will be our official bagpipe supplies partner moving forward in the USA market. In our opinion, they provide the very best bagpipe supply experience anywhere in the world. To purchase supplies from them, simply visit today. 

If anyone has questions, don’t hesitate to email today to reach out to us. It’s been a pleasure providing bagpipe supplies to you for the past 11 years! We are excited for what the future will bring. 

All the best, and thank you!

Andrew Douglas, Piper’s Dojo LLC

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