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It’s an Opera, It’s a Pop Tune, It’s “The Green Hills of Tyrol”

In my part of the world, “The Green Hills of Tyrol” is a staple of massed band performances. You can count on hearing it at some point at the beginning and end of each games day. It’s also used frequently for pipe band tuning—the second part is quite effective, since you are basically playing down the scale from High A. But this little workhorse of a tune is one of the oldest pipe band tunes in our repertoire today, and has quite an amazing story.

Why Can't I Memorize My Bagpipe Tune?!

How long does it take you to learn a tune? Do you work on it for weeks without much progress? Does it take you months to memorize a new tune and still have parts that cause your fingers to stumble?

Join us as Andrew walks you through a simple process to learn a tune. Practicing is not enough. Follow this foolproof method to have any tune up and running in one week!