The Secret: Find Your Own Voice

We all have at least one bagpipe dream. Maybe it’s to play a beautiful Amazing Grace at the grave-side. Maybe it’s to wow an audience at a parade with our pipe band. Maybe it’s to achieve glory at a bagpipe solo competition. Maybe it’s to pass the audition of your local Grade 3 band. Maybe it’s something else - that’s what playing music is all about!

Regardless of what the dream is, I want you to realize that you are dreaming about creation! Manifesting our own ideas into the world, especially in forms as wonderful as bagpipe music, is why we pursue any artistic endeavor!

In the bagpipe world, most pipers never find their own voice. The best most of us achieve (with a lot of hard work and financial investment) is successful regurgitation of "what you're supposed to do," but most of us drop off somewhere along the line. It's just too much blood, sweat and tears to end up simply copying what everyone else is doing.

Bagpipe Freedom is all about escaping that cycle. It's all about learning the essential, fundamental building blocks of actually making music on the bagpipes. We do it in the right order. We're developing actual, honest musicianship.

Soon, playing bagpipes like "you're supposed to" will be easy for you to do if you so choose. But, you'll also have the background, experience, and technical control over your instrument to explore any musical avenue you wish with your bagpipes. This actual, real creative freedom is the secret ingredient that will make this a truly joyful pursuit that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

Will you have bad days? Sure! But in the pursuit of your own artistic vision, bad days don't seem so bad anymore.

If you want to learn more about Bagpipe Freedom and how to achieve it, we will build a custom "Bagpipe Captivity Escape Plan" for you for free. Start the process now.

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