Randy Aitken: Mesmerizing, Pure Happiness

I'm Scottish and Irish, I have always loved the pipes so I started to learn how to play.

I just wanted to play, didn't have the mindset for any specific place to go after I learned how to play. Whenever I heard the pipes, it was just mesmerizing and pure happiness to my ears.

As a learning piper, my key struggles were rhythm, embellishments, and drone tuning. I did have limiting beliefs, It seemed as I was never going to improve, that's why I joined Dojo U.

I didn't ever think that I was going to be able to play the pipes because I could not keep the bag full at first. Dojo U has lots of great instructors and classes, also a great music library to learn NEW songs. Learning rhythm the correct way and also get choose new songs to learn from so you don't keep playing the same old songs over and over.

I haven't played the pipes in almost a year, but thanks to the Dojo U pipe clinic, I know how to check the pipes correctly and get them set up again. Since I just started with Dojo U, I have been using my practice chanter all the time. Its unbelievably easier with Dojo's great instructors!

Getting easier every day, it is unreal. I'm ecstatic and excited to be back learning the pipes again, it has been too long. Dojo makes it easier too.

Randy Aitken, Florida, USA

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