Brian Ross: Wanting to Do Something Nice for My Wife

I started playing because I wanted to play a simple tune like "Happy Birthday" for my wife. I thought I could teach myself but failed so I joined various bands over the years. Finally I joined Dojo U. It's slow progress for me but I am getting there, with all their help.

My biggest struggle has been getting to grips with beats and rhythm's. In the past I just could not hear it. But now at last I can. I just have to learn how to use it. The part within Dojo U that seems to have helped me the most is the Rhythm course. But I feel I must also mention the other courses such as the Beginner's Tutor and the Transition to the Bagpipes. However, my favorite thing about the Dojo is the way the tune building method works.

All the people at Dojo are so nice and helpful, both staff and customers. You just can't fail to find someone who wants to help you along your path. It has definitely increased my field of piping friends.

Brian R from High Bickington, UK

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