Alan W. - Phase 3 - Krikhill

Greetings Alan!
Well, I can't argue with that! Good work all around.

Phase 3 Result: 7/7 Requirements Achieved

Bass drone at 45 degree angle? Yes
Blowpipe in center of mouth? Yes
Chanter position centered? Yes
Squeezing Arm impinged? No
Frantic blowing cadence? No
Blowing Steady? Yes
Drones out of tune (with each other) No

Overall Basic Instrument Operation Comments from Timothy:
Hey now, that's good stuff Alan! Nice and steady, good tuning, nice posture, and a good cadence with no jerky motions. Your bottom hand wrist is at a bit of an angle and you'll probably want to go more horizontal once you start playing a few notes, but that will be something to fix on the next phase... Speaking of! This is a pass! Enjoy the journey Alan!

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