World Class Bagpiping in 100 Words

Every day: listen to masterful bagpipe music, interact with bagpipers as good or better than you, and play at least one tune on full bagpipes.

Most days: hone essential fundamentals, in this order of priority:

  1. Rhythmic Accuracy
  2. Scale Navigation
  3. Gracenote Quality 
  4. Blowing Mechanics/Posture
  5. Tuning drones together
  6. Maintaining optimal blowing pressure.
  7. Tuning drones to chanter
  8. Avoiding “Mental Blowing Anomalies”
  9. Embellishment
  10. “Expression” Technique

Practice using as wide an array of tunes as humanly possible. Be wary of routine! Keep practice very short, singularly focused, and objective. Afterwards, play in moderation strictly for enjoyment.

Regularly put yourself in new, challenging musical situations. Play for self-expression, never for accolades.

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