Winter Storm 2021 Online

Winter Storm 2021@home is a film about the people and the music of the greatest annual event on the piping and drumming social calendar, held every January in downtown Kansas City, MO, USA. Over the 20 years since its inauguration, it has evolved into a world class few days of piping and drumming contests and workshops, culminating in a unique Saturday evening concert where the world's best perform on the same stage. Performances by Fred Morrison, Willie McCallum, Jack Lee, Stuart Liddell, Callum Beaumont, Alastair Lee, Andrew Douglas, Roddy MacLeod, Matt MacIsaac, Roddy S MacDonald, Alen Tully, St. Laurence O'Toole Pipe Band, Steven Creighton, Steven McWhirter, Duncan Millar, Eric Ward, Christina Hanks, Simon Hodgett, Andrew Douglas. This is their story - a glimpse of the people, the music, the volunteers, the sponsors - all part of the Winter Storm family.

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