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Pipe Major Donald MacLean of Lewis

This is a terrific 6/8 march for all! For beginners and bands, this is very accessible and not too technically challenging. Meanwhile, even for advanced players, this tune has a great melody that will wow any audience.

Composed by Donald MacLeod for his ‘larger than life’, army Pipe Major Donald McLean who was famed for having one of the heaviest and most difficult bagpipes to blow. People who tried to blow his pipes were reputed to never be the same again. MacLeod immortalized Donald McLean through this popular, melodic, classic 6/8 with a Gaelic feel. Described as a fine, rousing tune with all the swing and motif Donald MacLeod was known for. PM Donald MacLeod (1916-1982) is widely regarded as one of the greatest pipers of the 20th Century in terms of both his competition prowess and his compositions.

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PM Donald MacLean of Lewis [Vintage]

PM Donald MacLean of Lewis [Vintage]

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