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Logistics: The Freedom Phase Submission Schedule

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Each week at Dojo U, our "Tune of the Week" is released first thing Friday morning.

Freedom Phase submissions are due by the end of our "learning week' - Thursdays at Noon New York Time.

We will grade assignments throughout the day Thursday and Friday. You can expect detailed feedback on your submission from our staff by end of business day on Friday at the latest.

A couple of tips:

  1. Far more commonly than not, you will be unsuccessful in passing your current freedom phase. This is totally normal. Check your ego at the door, and realize that everyone who has reached bagpipe freedom has gone through this.
  2. Use the whole week to prepare for a freedom phase submission. Make Wednesday evening your recording night, and work towards that mini-goal each week!
  3. Obey the One Take Rule. Ignore this advice at your peril! Record yourself once. Maybe twice if something went unusually poorly. Then, move on with your life! Imperfection is OK! We will help you improve from here. Remember that this is what it's all about!