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Ina McKenzie

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The person, Ina MacKenzie is lost to history, but Ronald Lawrie of Oban (1927-2008), known at ‘Big Ronnie’ for his imposing 6ft 5in frame, served with the Glasgow Police Dept. He was strongly influenced by the many pipers he grew up around who taught him the piping of the 19th Century, while he went on to influence piping into the 21st Century. He contributed to piping first as a successful solo piper, as member and then PM of the Glasgow Police Band, followed by years of seasonal entertaining in a ceilidh show, and finally he was an instructor and judge. As a composer he wrote many tunes, but destroyed most, as he was highly self-critical. Near the end of his life he was quoted, “If you get your pipes going well and you think you’re achieving a high or reasonable standard, well, that’s the big reward for me: the enjoyment of playing. “That’s what my father did, my uncles and my relations … they got sheer enjoyment from their playing. And if you look for that, I don’t think you can look for anything higher.” 

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