Todd H. - Phase 4 - Curlew

Hi Todd! Fantastic work here. You did it. Keep focussing on those roll patterns because I feel that they are still at the conscious competence level. That sacrifice week last week seems to have helped. But either way, congratulations and welcome to phase 5. Good luck. Be sure to check the list of requirements as you prepare moving forward. Cheers, Ed

Pipes clearly audible? - YES
Tempo appropriate? - YES
Rhythms played correctly? - YES
Correct Sticking (R vs L) - YES
Clean Taps - YES
Correct Stick Grip R Hand - YES
Correct Stick Grip L Hand - YES
Buzzes and Taps Distinct from each other - YES
Playing on hard Surface - YES
Buzzes are gentle and are staying on the drum until needed again - YES
Playing Roll primary strokes properly while reading abbreviations - YES
Accents are distinct from non accented notes - YES
Matching the Drum Score to the Piper without the metronome - YES

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