The Phase 5 "Buy In"

Phase 5 is a very challenging freedom phase. Over time we have found that pipers tend to "neglect" much of what they focused on in Phase 4 that previously made them so successful.

To help players "bridge the gap" between Phase 4 and 5, we are implementing a change of requirement for Phase 5 submissions:

As of June 15, 2022, we'll now require a Phase 5 "Buy In," to begin each Phase 5 Submission.

In a nutshell, the Phase 5 buy in requires you to play one part of the tune of the week in simplified form before performing the tune of the week fully embellished.

Phase 5 "Buy In" Specific Protocol

  1. Set your metronome to the right tempo for you, as you normally would for any freedom phase submission.
  2. Before playing your tune of the week fully embellished, pick one part from the material and play it (with repeats if applicable) simplified. I.e. as if you were back in Phase 4.
  3. Once this is complete, seamlessly continue to begin the Tune of the Week fully embellished.

Phase 5 Details and Implications

  1. Graders will evaluate your buy-in first.
    • If there are significant issues with the buy-in the grading process with stop there. We'll want to address these issues before we begin over-focusing on the intricacies of Phase 5.
    • If there are no significant issues, grading of Phase 5 will happen as usual.
  2. Don't forget, if applicable, to repeat the buy-in part.
  3. Unlike the Phase 4 buy-in, do not pause in between or re-tune your pipes. Continue to the Phase 5 material without skipping a beat.
  4. Of course, the common sense rule applies. If the Tune of the Week contains no embellishments, Phase 5's may skip the buy-in.

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