Suzann Hedgecock: Family Association

I have always wanted to learn the pipes after watching the Citadel pipers as a child. My Dad went to the Citadel. I love music, the sound of the pipes, the regal nature of the dress and this instruments ability to draw attention from anyone in listening distance!  No other instrument compares to a bagpipe playing Amazing Grace!

I joined the Dojo to help with my endurance and to get better at tuning myself. I am an older student of the pipes, though not of others and I want to get to a high enough level to enjoy for years to come.

Like most people who start, I have thought about dropping the pipes from time to time but I have invested too much in them to quit. That's why I'm glad I found the Dojo. I was searching for education for a beginner student and I joined the Dojo as soon as I saw the advertisement. I was impressed with what was offered. I'm glad I did as I have learned a great deal through the courses so far.

My husband and I did have the opportunity to go to the Worlds before Covid and we actually ran into Andrew on the grounds. Putting the real face to the video screen persona was nice!

Suzann Hedgecock from High Point, North Carolina

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