Stuart MacKay: It Doesn't Have to Be Hard

I got involved with piping in my early twenties when I saw pipers from the SA Irish Regiment band playing and decided I wanted to be part of that. The sound of the pipes is awesome and I wanted to be able to produce that sound.

In the beginning, when I was young and did not struggle with limiting beliefs, but as you get older and more critical of your playing, you start to think "will I ever get any better". In piping, you can get into a rut, when you only have exposure to certain aspects. With the Dojo, you can find out about all aspects of piping, and you feel like you are in a large band. You also see people asking similar questions to the ones you have and realize you are not alone with your  issues.

In the beginning, the physical part of playing pipes was hard for me. The Dojo has helped inspire me to play more and has shown how pipes should not be a physical issue when they are maintained correctly. Until the Dojo, I was never really aware of maintenance and how much of a difference it can make to ensure your pipes are air-tight. Good maintenance really makes the difference. I can now enjoy playing for longer.

Seeing top pipers give lessons has inspired me to play more. I enjoy playing my pipes now and feel more involved in a community of like minded people. I feel more in control of my instrument. I even completed the 100-day challenge and that took me to a new level. Thanks Dojo!

Stuart M from Blewbury UK

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