Richard Hood: The Fire Family

I started playing in October of 2001 and began with a group of firemen. We were inspired by the many events post 9/11. We hired an instructor to come to the firehouse weekly to get us started in piping. I am now a part of a fire department honor guard band. I've always wanted to be the best I could be in order to honor my brothers and sisters in the fire service so I got into solo & band competitions to help me improve.

In the past, some of my instruction was substandard, so I had to relearn many things. Fortunately I heard about the Dojo from a friend, so I checked it out and signed up. I have stayed with it ever since. There are so many great instructors and courses. I really enjoy getting new perspective on playing tunes, setting up the pipes and I really like the tune building method the Dojo teaches.

I am striving to be a better piper. I moved from solo grade 4 to grade 3 recently and even took some prizes! Dojo is definitely helping me achieve my goals.  Thanks you Dojo U!

Richard H in Mount Shasta, California

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