The Pub

Want to hang out with your Dojo U friends? Pop into our virtual pub!

  • Fill up a virtual wine glass!
  • Listen to music together.
  • Watch a bagpipe-related video together!
  • Play games together!

Disclaimer: The virtual pub is not monitored by Dojo U Staff. We accept no liability for what happens inside.

Rules of the Pub:

  • Refrain from bad language.
  • Refrain from any discussion that may offend/discourage other members. No politics, no religion, and for God's sakes no heavy D throw chat!
  • This room is not password protected, therefore beware of phishing or scams.
  • Do not invite outsiders to the pub, of ANY KIND without written Dojo U staff approval.
  • Please no one under age 18 in the pub.
  • Please report any abuse to immediately.
  • Please consider this a temporary feature that may be removed for any reason by Dojo U HQ.

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