Program Change as of Jan 1, 2022

Hello Dojo Members!

As we've been communicating since mid-October, as of January 1st, 2022, completion of the "5 Challenges" at the end of the 11 Commandments course will be required in order to participate in (or continue with) the Bagpipe Freedom submission process.


Why are we doing this?

We feel like essential daily habits are essential to the success of any piper. Activities like immersion and focused practice time are essential to turn into daily habits. And, in our opinion, this is more important than (and should be a prerequisite to) rigorous technique development (i.e. the Freedom Phase process).

For further reading on this basic idea:


The change will officially occur on January 1st. Until that time, your Freedom Phases will remain available. After that time, the site will not allow access to that course until the 11 Commandments course (including the 5 challenges) are marked "completed."


Thanks for reading!


Andrew and the Dojo U Team

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