Post Bagpipe Freedom Submission Variants

Once you've achieved Bagpipe Freedom, you're allowed/encouraged to submit some "variants" week to week and receive feedback. Here are some options you can take advantage of if you wish:

Option 1: Don't Change Anything!

The Freedom Phase Process works wonders for a reason - each week we constantly vary our material, and we submit for feedback to check our progress. It's simple and elegant.

By all means, just keep doing what you're doing if it works for you!

Option 2: Go for the "Grand Slam"

Can you get perfect scores on all 6 of the common tune-of-the-week idioms? If not, have you truly achieved Bagpipe Freedom?

Option 3: Standing Repertoire Development Strategy.

Submit the tune of the week, then an equivalent element of your standing repertoire, as a set.


  • Parts 1 and 2 of the 2/4 march tune of the week, then parts 1 and 2 of your competition 2/4 march, as a set.
  • Parts 3 and 4 of the jig tune of the week, then parts 3 and 4 of the jig from your pipe band's new jig set.
  • Etc.

This method will help you continue to constantly vary your material, and directly explore relationships with the current tune of the week and parallel material in your standing repertoire. Also, you'll get the opportunity to play for a longer duration of time to develop some performance range.

You are not allowed to simply submit your own tunes willy-nilly. That would go against the spirit (and void the efficacy of) the Freedom Phase process. You must do the tune of the week first, then (without stopping) continue on to a segment of your standing repertoire.

Important: Tempo should be set appropriately for the tune of the week (i.e. your competition material may be played a bit slower than "performance tempo").

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