Partner Enrollment

Dojo U Premium Members may become Dojo U Partners, allowing them to share in the revenues of people they refer to Dojo U.

Dojo U Partners earn 33% commission when someone they refer to us purchases a Dojo U course or membership. Recurring membership payments also result in you earning your 33% commission!

Why would this sort of thing interest you? Well, here are a few examples:

  • Bagpipe Teachers can earn recurring comissions when their students enroll in Dojo U memberships! (10 students can equate to $100 per month!)
  • Bagpipe beginner programs can also earn money as their beginner students develop as pipers.
  • Pipe Bands can get great "rebates" by encouraging their members to partake in our expansive suite of valuable bagpipe-learning content.
  • Famous (and notorious) "influencers" and podcasters can earn commission when their listeners give Dojo U a try.

The technical details about the program will be shared with you once you enroll as a partner. At this time, becoming a partner is completely free and you have no obligation or minimum requirements to become and remain a partner.

Interested? Become a Premium Member to be eligible to enroll!

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