Pam B. - Phase 3 - St Valery

Hi Pam! You did it! Slow and steady wins the race. The only criticism I have is that you need to address the LH resting position. BUT, you moved it correctly into position for the left buzzes. I'm just afraid it will slow you down with that extra motion. However that is something to address in phase 4. Congratulations and good luck. Cheers, Ed

Metronome and Pipes clearly audible? - YES
Tempo appropriate? - YES
Rhythms played correctly? - YES
Correct Sticking (R vs L) - YES
Clean Taps - YES
Correct Stick Grip R Hand - YES
Correct Stick Grip L Hand - YES
Using a Soft Surface - YES
Buzzes and Taps Distinct from each other - YES
Stick placement on the drum - YES
Matching the Drum Score to the Piper with the metronome - YES

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