Mike Lake: Touching the Soul

I love the sound the pipes make, it touches my soul. I want to play the pipes proficiently and then see what direction it takes me but there is a lack of good teachers and information where I live. I did start late in life but fortunately I had musical training with piano, guitar, harmonica and mandolin.

I checked out the website when the pandemic hit and I lost the ability to go to a teacher so I gave the Dojo a look. I signed up for the special for a month to see if I could get used to the style of the site. It gave me structure and goals, which I needed.

My original teacher was helping me to play tunes but not the fundamentals. One of my favorite parts of the Dojo is having my tunes critiqued. I feel more confident overall. I am looking forward to the future and seeing where it will get me.

I even felt confident enough to buy a set of pipes... all right two sets... Naill and Kyos! I’ve loved doing the rhythm course and the beginner course. I’ve even posted a couple of tunes on my practice chanter!

Mike L from Brownsville Oregon

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