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A big ol' geek from just left and off center of Pennsylvania, a skateboarder since the days of concrete bowls and the invention of the ollie.  I have owned and operated a hobby gaming store called Gatehouse Games since 1996 -i.e. I'm a professional D&D geek, my true love in that respect is painting Warhammer miniatures.

I was obsessed with the sound of the drones before I knew what to call it, and I love piobaireachd.
I was a self-taught piper (feel free to gasp in dismay here) from 2006 or so, until I found Dojo University in or around 2011 (although it seems longer) and I've been a member ever since.   I might not be great or anything, but I sometimes manage to take places in my grade (to my surprise).  My focus is getting to a solid level of performance while not driving myself insane with competitiveness. I gotta get me them AGLs...

In late 2018, with the help of a small group of friends I began the process of building a competitive band, Rail City Pipes & Drums, to compliment and work alongside my non-competitive Shrine Highland band. Both endeavors have proved to be an adventure as well as a font of challenges. It is my personal piping goal to improve my playing every day, and I'm always ready to assist other pipers and drummers to do the same.