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Played for many years with St Albans Pipe Band, then briefly with Ellon Pipe Band and later many years with City of Norwich Pipe Band but not currently playing with a band

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Grade 3

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Grade 4 Band



Started piping in 1965, aged 12 under tuition from PM J.B. Robertson (ex Scots Guards), then later PM John McNicol (ex Black Watch) from Bushey Caledonian School.   Played with now-defunct St Albans Pipe Band (G4) and had a decent amount of solo success in the late '60s/early '70s but that came to an end when women and work got in the way 🙂  (Grading system wasn't operating then for solos so G3 is just a guess....)

Joined the newly-formed City of Norwich PB (G4) in 1979 and continued playing intermittently until around 1995 when other interests took over.

Got back into piping again in 2016 after encouragement from wife Helen and amazed to find I could still do it, although nowhere near my teenage standard, of course.  Since then I've been struggling to get my fingers to do what my brain tells them - Dojo has been enormously helpful and entertaining during that journey and I constantly nag friends to give it a try - look forward to continuing the journey and making new piping friends along the way 🙂



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