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Becoming a bagpiper was one of the greatest gifts I've been fortunate to receive. However, it has also been challenging (and sometimes frustrating) for the past ten years as I live in a community with few pipers and no piping band. Being consistent in my practice has been difficult for a variety of reasons. I first heard the highland pipes from a neighbor who lived behind us. Later, during a walk-about through the highlands of Scotland, I met several pipers and knew I had to learn. Remarkably, when I returned home to the states I met Andrew Morrill, who was a math teacher, and bagpiper extraordinaire. He was taking students and I soon learned that playing a wind instrument was completely different than the piano.  The piano is my first joy.  Andrew was beyond patient with my progress.

Andrew and his son Ross started Morrill Bagpipes and I am honored to have a set made by then.  They are made from Argentinian Lignum vitae and pear tree woods in memory of my beloved Basset hound Zoe, who has been my only fur baby who never howled when I played. My first set made by MacLellan was stolen. It was devastating. While I haven't played in a piping band for many years (I used to practice with the Galloway Highlander, Utah) I play solo events with a local Celtic musical band.

I've experienced many unique adventures with my bagpipes: bagpiping at the Bison Roundup at Antelope Island SP and not causing a stampede, fun and exhilarating, tender moments, and even a few embarrassing ones. I am grateful to my many teachers, and their words of wisdom: I look forward to learning with Dojo.