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I was born in Wisconsin in 1956, but grew up in my parent's home town of Visalia, California, where I graduated from Mt. Whitney High School in 1974.

I earned a BA in music performance from Pepperdine University in Malibu in 1976 and participated in their Year in Europe Program in Heidelberg, Germany. I quite fell in love with Germany and spent the next twelve years of my life living there. I studied at the University of Heidelberg, (where I jokingly say that I majored in drinking and dueling...) and went on t0 earn a graduate degree in Music-theater production from the Conservatory of Music and Performing Arts in Hamburg in 1985. Between Heidelberg and Hamburg, I also spent a year and a half working about the SY Sea Cloud, a four masted passenger sailing ship. I spent several years working the theater in Berlin.

1987 took me to Great Britain, where I spent two years as a member of a religious order and was accepted into seminary. I was ordained in the Church of England in 1991 and worked in parish ministry and school chaplaincy. In 1993 I returned to the USA where I served in the Episcopal Church and gained my California Teaching Credential.

I taught for several years in both public and private schools, all grades between kindergarten and 12th Grade. My credential allowed me to teach music and German and in private school I also taught ethics. I left both teaching and the church in 2004.

After some years working in the car rental business, I am currently the primary caregiver for my uncle who will turn 100 years old in the summer of 2023.  I still am active as a church musician and occasionally will take services as well. I sing in a large chorus in San Francisco and still participate in sport fencing.