I began learning piano when I was in first grade, picked up clarinet in 4th grade and saxophone in 5th.  Tenor sax became my primary instrument through high school and college, and I played it consistently in the concert and marching bands whilst splitting my time between sax and piano/keyboard in the jazz bands.  In and after college I picked the clarinet back up, playing with a local dixieland group, and continued all three instruments with occasional community bands and small side ensembles.  My instruments got used by my kids, while they were growing up, and I sat down and started practicing them again myself when they went off to college, and other interests.

Music has always been important to me.  My dream job, as a teen, was to be a music educator and band director, but life had another path in store.  New to the bagpipes, I study with the local Firefighters' Emerald Society Pipes & Drums.  Looking forward to the performance season.


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Northern Virginia Firefighters' Emerald Society Pipe Band

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