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I am Iain and I live in the north-west highlands of Scotland at a place called Balmacara, near the Skye Bridge.  I work in conservation, managing a crofting estate as my day-job.  I am starting over withh my attempt to learn to play the bagpipes.  I first picked up a chanter over 20 years ago, but with family and work commitments, and surprisingly a difficulty finding a face-to-face tutor, I ended up giving up, several times.  Usually I became aware that I was doing it wrong and probably ingraining mistakes into my playing, which, if I ever got passed the beginner stage I would find it hard to unlearn.  Frustrating as it was, it was probably a wise move.

Anyway, I have been loking around online, and at books and the like for some inspiratin and came across the Dojo University and the 5 Phases to Bagpipe Freedom.  I liked what I saw and thought, why not.  I really am beginning again and am doing the Beginnier Tutor course to begin with.