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Hi to all at Dojo University

My name is Gordon Carter, I am married with 4 adult children and have 5 grandchildren.  My wife and I live on a small rural lifestyle block (1.35 acres) just out of Ohaupo (pronounced as OR- HOPE-OR) 20 kilometers south of Hamilton in the North Island of New Zealand, with a cat, 4 alpacas and 15 chickens.  I am a retired operating room nurse having worked for 38 years at Waikato Hospital in Hamilton, about 110 kilometers south of Auckland.

I am originally  from Australia, born & grew up in Brisbane.  After a 2 week holiday to New Zealand, decided in 1976 to go to New Zealand for a working holiday.  While there, I met my now wife and have lived here ever since, obtaining New Zealand citizenship about 10 years ago.

As for my pipe band background, my first band was the Australian Scots Association Pipe Band in Brisbane where I started as a learner tenor drummer.  I stayed with them until moving to Sydney, Australia, but was not in a band there. Following my move to God's Own Country (New Zealand), it wasn't until moving to Hamilton in 1981 that I joined the City of Hamilton Pipe Band as a learner side drummer.  During this time, I started having piping lessons, however it was not too dissimilar to the traditional methods as described in Andrew's book. In hind-site, not the best of tutors back then.

I moved to Cambridge Band when my middle son Mark, started piping lessons with the former pipe major of City of Hamilton who had been asked to pipe major the Cambridge Band.  Sadly Mark has not continued with piping.  While at Cambridge Band, I continued with having piping lessons and joined as a piper, being elected as pipe sergeant at a previous AGM. I feel things have stagnated somewhat in my piping as Cambridge Band is only just managing to stay afloat as a performance band due to the aging nature of our members and the lack of younger people being interested in pipe banding.  I have also done some solo piping gigs e.g. some weddings, funerals and piping for an annual event for the NZ Cancer Society for the last 4 years.  So, I have made a decision to give Dojo U a shot to see if I can make an improvement in my piping for my own personal satisfaction and improve the band's playing performances.



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