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Alabama Pipes & Drums

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Recently retired, I started playing the bagpipes around 2000, but with work, moving and major life changes; I waffled in and out of spending time and dedication towards improving. I have played in a few pipe bands over the years when actively playing: Alabama Pipes & Drums, Cincinnati Caledonia Pipes & Drums and most recently, Chattanooga Pipes & Drums. Some of this playing involved competing either at the G5 or G4 level.

I have competed as a solo piper on a few occasions, placing 2nd for a 2/4 march once, but failing to do so at a few other attempts.


Now that I'm retired, I plan on dedicating my free time towards improving both at the solo level and band participation. Currently support my current band at G5 with hopes on moving up to G4 for the 2022 year events.