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I started learning the bagpipes shortly after I got married. I competed in one chanter competition and then life got busy. Many years later I played with a street band. I had a lot of fun but I always struggled to play the tunes. The Dojo has taught me a ton and has made my pipes a joy to play.

I now play with the Payson High School Pipeband as a volunteer instructor. It's so much fun working with the high school kids. What's even better is my wife, who taught me to play, also helps out. My two oldest sons play in the band, one on the snare drum and the other on the pipes. My three youngest kids compete in highland dance and are at various stages of learning the pipes or drums.

Since everyone in the family is involved, Scottish festivals can be crazy, but they are so much fun. I love being able to perform, or just have fun together as a family.