Lexey D. - Phase 1 - Ina MacKenzie

Overall Rhythm Comments from Grader:

Hi Lexey. I can really tell that you understand these rhythms very well. You have great timing and are very accurate with the metronome. However you have a tendency to want to rush, but nothing major here. You were able to correct it right away. Just be conscious of that, moving forward. I like how you connect the cut note to the following note consistently. And great job following the roadmap with the 1st and 2nd endings. Congratulations and welcome to phase 2. Cheers, Ed
Phase 1 Result: 4/4 Requirements Achieved

Metronome Clearly Audible? Yes
"Best" Tempo Selection? Yes
Rhythm/Note-values understood? Yes
Rhythms accurate to the click of the metronome? Yes

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