Kirstyn N. - Phase 4 - Kathleen Gillies

Hi Kirstyn. Excellent job! I totally admire your hard work. I'm impressed on a regular basis as to how you keep improving. Congratulations and welcome to phase 5. Good luck. Cheers, Ed

Pipes clearly audible? - YES
Tempo appropriate? - YES
Rhythms played correctly? - YES
Correct Sticking (R vs L) - YES
Clean Taps - YES
Correct Stick Grip R Hand - YES
Correct Stick Grip L Hand - YES
Buzzes and Taps Distinct from each other - YES
Playing on hard Surface - YES
Buzzes are gentle and are staying on the drum until needed again - YES
Playing Roll primary strokes properly while reading abbreviations - YES
Accents are distinct from non accented notes - YES
Matching the Drum Score to the Piper without the metronome - YES

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