Justina H. - Phase 3 - Kathleen Gillies

Hi Justina,

very steady and well tuned here. Your posture is great but.... you could improve it slightly I think. I would aim to close the gap between the inner part of my left elbow and the end tenor drone... If you tucked the pipes up a little further under your arm you would release more of your left wrist. Effectively moving the pipes up and back in your stance. A centimetre would help... this may mean shortening your blow pipe by 0.5 - 1 cm...

Hope that helps,

All the best for the next phase!


Phase 3 Result: 7/7 Requirements Achieved

Bass drone at 45 degree angle? Yes
Blowpipe in center of mouth? Yes
Chanter position centered? Yes
Squeezing Arm impinged? No
Frantic blowing cadence? No
Blowing Steady? Yes
Drones out of tune (with each other) No

Overall Basic Instrument Operation Comments from Cameron Drummond:

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