Jeremy T. - Phase 3 - The Marquis of Huntly

Hi Jeremy, Sorry for the delay. There's a few notes below I'd love to work on before we continue on, but the good news is you've already mastered the hard bits with tuning and steady blowing. Let me know if you have any questions.


Phase 3 Result: 6/7 Requirements Achieved

Bass drone at 45 degree angle? Yes
Blowpipe in center of mouth? Yes
Chanter position centered? Yes
Squeezing Arm impinged? Yes(x)
Frantic blowing cadence? No
Blowing Steady? Yes
Drones out of tune (with each other) No

Overall Basic Instrument Operation Comments from Carl:
Hi Jeremy, Overall this is really coming along, you've got great control over the bag and tuning. Nice and steady. The one area that worries me is your wrist. There's a fairly large bend in your left wrist which can cause technique issues down the road. Ideally we'd like to see a more gentle bend if at all. There's a few things we can try to work on this, First, it might just be that you are tucking the back too far under your arm. Maybe let the drone lean back just a little further. Next, maybe the blowstick is still a bit long, bit it looks ok, not perfect, but okay. Lastly, there's the bag size, what size do you have here? Maybe it's too small or the cut is not great for you? Let's work on this posture just a little bit more because it's really important down the road. Please let me know if you have any other questions or if there's anything else I can do to help. Cheers, Carl

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