Janet Cox: I Even Have Rhythm Now

When we were young, my Dad made kilts for the girls in my family. I have Scottish roots on my mother’s side. I took highland dance as a young girl for a short time.

I guess I just always had a love for the music as well – I always loved the sound of bagpipes. Being a Nova Scotian exposed me to the sound but I never thought I could play the instrument. As an adult, I still loved hearing bagpipes. A piping college was offering lessons, so I signed up.

I really only thought about playing the instrument for myself, didn’t start out wanting to play in a band or solo GIGs. I lacked confidence.

I still occasionally think of quitting. I guess I feel I should be better at it. I still lack confidence in tuning. It is hard work and it sometimes is difficult to maintain the motivation required. It is not an instrument you can just pull out around the kitchen table and wiggle out a few tunes.

When I first started to learn pipes as an adult, it was all a struggle, but tuning was the biggest frustration. I felt so cumbersome trying to “get it”. It was easier to rely on others to do it for me. I definitely also felt that age was holding me back. My fingers are not as nimble as a young persons. I also still don’t feel I have “the talent”. I have to say though, thanks to Dojo, that is slowly fading.

Dojo is AWESOME. The quality of instruction is top notch considering it is an online school. The instructors are patient and supportive and for an adult student, that is a top priority.

One of the highlights for me since joining Dojo was the cruise. Meeting people face to face and getting to know people a bit better was amazing. Dojo also helped maintain my sanity through COVID. They were there every day. I saw them more than anyone else and I have to thank them for that.

I sure do feel proud of myself for continuing with Dojo. I have no intention of leaving. I love the classes, I enjoy the theory as presented by the great instructors. I think I even have rhythm now.

Janet Cox, Prince Edward Island, Canada

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