James Tarpley: Music Therapy

When I was a small child I had wanted to play bagpipes. I graduated high school, college and the law school years later and yet no piping for me. Just four years ago, at a Burns Night dinner, I met a lady who taught lessons and she was willing to take on this musically uneducated man. It is the best fun and I really can't believe the challenge and fun I have missed all this time.

Unfortunately my pipe teacher passed away and there are no other pipers within 90 miles of where I live. She recommended the Dojo to me before she passed and I am so glad she did. This is the best therapy this CPA has ever found!

Dojo U has taught me all the little things that a music student should know and it has helped me gain a tremendous amount of confidence. One day I hope to play in a band and perform for memorials. And I have really enjoyed meeting new friends with similar interests.

James T from Dadeville, Alabama

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