Hugh D. - Phase 1 - Lt. Cononel DJS Murray

Overall Rhythm Comments from Grader:

Hi Hugh. Good job today. Your rhythms are correct and accurate. Just as you move forward, there are a few things I'd watch out for. The pick up note should be on the "ah" of the beat, not the "&." And while I really like the sound of your metronome, you might try a different sound in the future, the decay/echo on it makes it difficult to pinpoint the accuracy of the beat. I had to listen to it several times with the good headphones to double check. And it took you a few bars to get into the groove. Make sure that you're taking a moment before start to count and establish the tempo and the groove. However, you did a great job. Congratulations and welcome to phase 2, good luck. Cheers, Ed

Phase 1 Result: 4/4 Requirements Achieved

Metronome Clearly Audible? Yes
"Best" Tempo Selection? Yes
Rhythm/Note-values understood? Yes
Rhythms accurate to the click of the metronome? Yes

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