Give a Month, Get a Month!

At the Dojo, our mission is to help everyone find their own unique voice via their bagpipes. We want everyone to find their rhythm, to end the vicious battles with instruments that are too hard to play, and to shrug off the damaging bagpiping and drumming dogmas that prohibit true self expression.

But, our online bagpipe school is new and unfamiliar to most. That's why we need your help to spread the word and to encourage your friends to give Dojo U a try.

Refer a bagpiping or drumming friend, and you'll both get a free month* of Dojo U when they sign up.

Copy and share your link with a friend:

How Much Credit Do I Have?

It's possible to see how much credit you've earned. To do so, you'll need to log into our "partners" database.

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  2. Password =
  3. Click Here to Login and View Referral Credits

If you need help with this feature, simply email support any time.

*The Fine Print:

Referred friend will receive a 30-days-free promotion. You, the referrer, receive a half-month account credit ($22.50 for piping, $15 for drumming) after the referred's first full month of membership, and the remaining half-month's credit upon their second full month of membership. Once you have $30 or more dollars in credit balance, credit will be auto-applied to your Dojo U account, relative to your current membership type, during the last week of each month.


You may accumulate unlimited credits by referring friends, however.

  1. Termination of membership will result in loss of all accumulated credits.
  2. Referral credits accrued are NOT the same as cash. They are to be used for membership credit only. They are not combinable with other promotions or store-credits.

It is your responsibility to understand that this is a "good faith" program and is NOT intended to be legally binding. At our discretion, the terms of this agreement may change in the future, or the program may be discontinued.

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